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Wendy has been fortunate to have survived ARDS, arriving home from the hospital in October 1998 after being in intensive care for 2 Ĺ months. After working 80-hour weeks and traveling internationally for the past seven years, Wendy has decided to retire for the time being. She plans to spend time in her garden, help with her sonís July wedding, and just enjoy her family and friends. Ken is in the commercial real estate field, and has no desire to retire anytime soon. Ken became very knowledgeable in the treatment Wendy received while she was in a drug induced sleep and fully understands what a terrible experience it is to watch a loved one so ill.
     "We are the parents of 5 children between the two of us, two daughters and three sons. We found the ARDS support web site in January 1999 when searching for more extensive information on ARDS. It was so wonderful to not only find much needed information but to also find new friends and offer support to others that have gone through or are currently going through the terrible experience of ARDS. While in the hospital one of the doctors laughingly said that Wendy might think about spending her time making people more aware of ARDS rather then return to work. Today, we are finding the ARDS support group very rewarding. Now that the crisis for us is almost over we hope to be able to help others."