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My Father fought, and lost, a four-month fight against ARDS and it's complications.  Obviously, I learned a great deal about the current state of the medical arts in fighting this syndrome.

I also learned many lessons on how to help an ARDS patient through this ordeal. Many of them are detailed in my Open Letter.  You will also find these strategies listed on one of the FAQ's here on the Site.

My Father was 76 and not in the best of health. Although he would never have recovered the same quality of life he had before he became ill, he had a shot at some quality of life - and time - with all of us.  Complications proved too much for him, and we said good-bye in March, 2000.

I loved my Father deeply, and we had a wonderful relationship.  I have dedicated my service as a volunteer here to honor his memory. I miss him. His death will never be in vain. He was an honorable man, a good husband, a caring Father - and my best friend. 

You may be reading this because you have a loved one diagnosed with ARDS. It can be a difficult and frightening path to walk.  But you are not alone.