My name is John Grim. Fishing used to be a favorite pastime of mine - pre-ARDS. I was in a minor auto accident the next year. I had to have surgery on my pancreas. The accident was about to change my life beyond belief. The initial surgery was successful but the next day I developed ARDS. I slipped into a coma which lasted four weeks. My family was notified that I was in critical condition and the outlook was dire. When I awoke I was told about the ARDS. I was released from the hospital seven days later. I searched everywhere for information about ARDS as my health continued to deteriorate. I saw several doctors during an almost three year period post-ARDS for constant illnesses. The doctors dismissed the fact that my ill health could be the result of ARDS. My sister, Sue Peterson and her husband Mike gave me support and took me to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. At Mayo it was concluded that my health problems were all related to ARDS. My body had been deprived of oxygen since ARDS and I was told that I needed to be on oxygen all of the time and for the rest of my life. My health soon improved greatly.

Since the age of fifteen, I had a goal. My goal was to retire by the age of thirty-five. I reached my goal but by a different road. I have never asked, "Why me, God?". I am so grateful to my family, the doctors and my wife Tracy.

During the past three months I have learned more about ARDS. I have met other ARDS survivors as well as families that have been affected by this little known syndrome. My new beginning centers around ARDS and through my experiences due to ARDS. I hope that I can help others whose life has changed as a result of ARDS. I am very thankful for a new chance at life. I believe ARDS is harder on the ones that love you, rather than yourself.