In memory of my loving husband and a wonderful daddy who passed away suddenly of ARDS.
My husband went in the hospital October 2,1997 with real bad heartburn, being only 34 yrs old, to our surprise he was having a heart attack, they life-flighted him to St. Francis Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and proceeded to do a quad bypass surgery.  The surgery was a complete success, two days later the doctors discovered something in his lungs, thought to be pneumonia,. After doing some tests, it turned out to be ARDS.  I thought to myself, what is ARDS?  I never heard of this.  My husband was a picture of health, very active and so full of life.  I thought this could not be happening to us, our sons only 18 months old he needs his daddy, I need my husband. The day before my husband passed he kept telling me he just wanted to go home, and I kept telling him as soon as you get better that's exactly where we're gonna go, and he would say no, I want to go home. Well, now I know what home he wanted to go to, he just could not fight anymore. My husband went to heaven on October 7,1997.  He's not in pain anymore and I know he's in god's hands now.  He now lives on in our son....he's just like you Red... You will always be in our hearts now and forever...
You will always be missed, and very much loved by your family & friends.
We love you Red!!!!
Your loving wife Vikki & your son Frankie Jr.

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