Marybeth Monaghen was born on June 19, 1962. God took her into his arms on August 8, 1998. We lost her to ARDS among other things. She developed ARDS after having surgery. Marybeth developed a massive infection which caused sepsis. She fought a long hard battle from May 1998 to August 1998. During that time, she had two surgeries, a lung biopsy and bone marrow extractions from which we found out that she also had leukemia.

Marybeth was a wonderful person. She was first and foremost a daughter. She lived with my parents so that she could help them with whatever they needed. She would do anything for them, all they had to do was ask. She would spend every last dollar on her friends and family. She loved giving gifts. When we lost Marybeth, Mom told me that she and Dad not only lost a daughter, but also lost a friend. They could talk to her and she would listen time and time again and always find a way to make a situation seem better. She was always there to listen to everyone and offer her support.

Marybeth was a sister. She was the oldest and she was never too "cool" to let her little brother and sisters hang out with her. She took us wherever we wanted to go whether she wanted to go or not. She was one of the most selfless people I have ever met. She took me (Paula Blonski) to Florida, Paris, France and Athens, Greece. We had such a good time on the trips, we laughed so many times. These are such cherished memories, I am glad I have them. She always watched over us, even when Sue told a bully in grade school that if he would not leave her alone, she would get her big sister to beat him up! Lucky for Marybeth talk is all it took!

Marybeth was an Aunt. She often talked so much about her niece and nephew that people had to ask, did you say niece, nephew or are these your children? She loved spending time with them. She had a "goody bag" she carried with her that including such things as crayons, markers, paper, stickers etc. The kids loved to dive into her bag. She always had the best ideas for projects.

Marybeth was a loving dog owner. She was driving along the road one day and someone threw a puppy out of a window in front of her. Of course being the loving person she is, she stopped. She scooped up the little puppy and took it to the nearest vet hospital. She spent her hard-earned money to bring this little puppy, who at the time was only 1 week old, back to life. She then took it home and bottle-fed it until it was big enough to eat regular food. Today that puppy has grown into an energetic, loving and loyal dog named Shadow who probably misses her as much as we do.

Marybeth was a nurse. She had been a nurse for 15 years. Her specialty was rehab. She was working at a rehab hospital with brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. This takes a special person due to the depression of the patients. Marybeth thrived in this position loving everyday. She had worked the mid-night shift most of her career. The phrase she heard most often was: "Oh, Marybeth, you're a nurse, what do you think." She even had on her license plates: MB URA RN. We could always call her and ask her what she thought was wrong with us and she would always give her best guess.

Marybeth was a teacher. She had been involved with forensics since she was in college and most recently she volunteered at North Central College in Illinois. She helped the college kids do research and come up with topics for informational speeches. She loved those kids like they were her own. She excelled in Forensics herself as well as being a coach and a teacher. When she was in college, she received the honor of being named 3rd in the country in poetry reading. She was a gifted speaker, and was in several plays in her high school and adult life.

Marybeth was a friend. One of her closest friends told me that through fights, moves and whatever else happened, Marybeth was always there. She was the one you could always count on. She was honest when it was needed and forgiving all the time. There is so many things I could tell you about her, as she was so many things. Most of all, Marybeth was loved. She was the most giving, caring and loving person I know. She is missed every day by all and will never be forgotten.


Your Loving family

Submitted by Paula Blonski