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Bruce W. Copes

August 27, 1930 - April 23, 2001

My husband of 25 years, Bruce W. Copes from Smithfield, Virginia, died after fighting ARDS for 8 days.  He was hospitalized at Louise Obici Hospital in Suffolk, Virginia for weight loss and low blood sugar.  He was found to have a 2 cm cancerous tumor in his right lung acquired from working around coal dust in the Railroad for 40 years.  He remained in the hospital for 9 days upon which time he was discharged home with O2 prn.  The next a.m. he went into respiratory distress and was rushed
back to the hospital.  Upon his arrival at the hospital his SATS were 24 and he was immediately intubated and placed in ICU.  He fought a brave battle for 8 days before he lost his battle with ARDS.  He is loved and missed by myself and our daughters and friends.  My life will never be the same without him here with me.  This situation has caused me great grief. ARDS is a terrible disease and it has caused a great loss in my
life.    Mary W. Copes, Wife.  My e-mail is

Bruce W. Copes

August 27, 1930 - April 23, 2001

My father Bruce W. Copes was born on August 27,1930. He was a very special person to everyone. The way he did things  was very special. I could talk to him about anything and he would listen. He was always there for me through it all no matter what it was I could always count on my dad. My dad loved to ride the lawnmower. He got the disease ARDS so quickly they said it came from the coal piers he worked at. He also had a spot on his lung that was cancer and also gained diabetes. My dad fought so hard for his life. Me and my family talked to him all the time in the hospital to let him know he had support from the family behind him every step of the way. My life is so different without my dad by my side to be my guide and my support. He meant the world to me I don't know how I will go on in life without him. Almost every night I lay in my bed crying to my dad and talking to him up in heaven. Life will never be the same every again.  I believe my dad sometimes comes and sees me at night sleeping and touches my hand for a few minutes.  My father lost his life at Obici Hospital in Suffolk, VA on April 23,2001.
Kendall C Kimball

Morgan Tiffany Olin  

August 6, 2000 -  April 4, 2001 

Her death was caused by ARDS and developed after open heart surgery to repair an undiagnosed heart defect.  She went into the hospital 3-11-01 in congestive heart failure.  Her open heart surgery was 3-14-01.  She was born in Burnsville, MN.  She
was cared for at Children's Hospital in Minneapolis.  She leaves her mom and dad, Lori and Steve, and a sister Taylor.  Her complete story can be found on her web page

Lawrence W. (Larry) Peterson

November 7, 1943 – August 8, 1999

My father was admitted to the hospital on July 11th, 1999 in Clinton, NC and was transferred to Wake Medical Center in Raleigh, NC on July 12th. After a couple of days, he was diagnosed with ARDS following double pneumonia. He was placed on the respirator and later had a trach put in. His condition gradually deteriorated over a four week period. The doctors told us they didn’t see him getting any better. Wednesday, August 4th, was the last time we were able to communicate with daddy. He opened his eyes and tried to talk to my mother and I. The following Saturday, he seemed to be doing better. The doctors decreased his medication and the amount of oxygen he was receiving from the vent to try and wean him off. We thought we were finally going to beat this thing. But later that night and Sunday morning, daddy suffered a pneumothorax in each lung. After the 2nd chest tube was placed, his condition worsened. His body was too tired and weak to fight anymore; he passed away that Sunday evening with my mother and I holding his hands.

My father was a hard worker that looked forward to getting up the next day and going again. He always had a smile and a joke to tell. He is survived by his wife, Ann Peterson, and daughter, Heather Matthews. Daddy, you were ‘my best buddy’ and mama and I will miss you always.

Replies can be sent to 

Kenneth Ramsdell

September 26, 1955 - May 25, 2001

Kenny was diagnosed with malignant pleural mesothelioma on April 17, 2000.  He then had a surgery where they took the lining of his chest wall Sept 25, 2000 cause the cancer that he had was in the lining. (caused my asbestos) After his surgery Kenny then started getting Radiation.  We were down there (Oklahoma) the end of January to see him and he had radiation pneumonia.  They had him on a lot of meds said that it would go away mainly on its own.  Kenny was still golfing and active.  Here in May Kenny had the best golf game he had ever had and told Donna (his loving wife) that he hasn't felt this good in a year.  The next day she took him to the doctor cause he was out of breath so bad.  He walked in the did a Pulse oxygen reading and it was in the 60's.  Kenny was then transferred to the hospital.  He was in Tahlequah Hospital first then Went to Saint Francis in Tulsa Oklahoma.  They there said that he had ARDS.  They gave him a 3% chance of making it.  He was on a paralytic and also put into a coma.  His family most
from Ohio went down on May 21st.  We seen him and talk to him hoping he could hear us and from what I read he could.  So don't let these doctors talk around them.  Kenny's vitals were all ok.  Not good but not real bad.  But the Tuesday my brothers and I  got there they didn't think he was going to make it threw the day.  He was also on a vent.  On Friday myself and our dad were in talking to Kenny when the doctor came in.  He told us that Kenny's Carbon Monoxide level was 3 times what it was suppose to be.  That if it kept getting higher we would have to talk about if what they were doing was right.  My dad then asked him if he thought Kenny would make it and he said no.  That day though his vitals were really good so his wife and children went back home (a hour drive) to do some things around the house etc.  Honestly everyone thinks my brother some how sent them home.  My mom, our dad, his wife cousin Brenda and I stayed.  I went in with my mom to talk to him and noticed his BP was 99/62.  It has been that low before but I went and told Brenda as she use to be a RN.  Then when her and my mom came out they said it was higher as they talked to him.  So then my parents went for a walk and Brenda and i went in.  His BP was then 76/52.  His nurse thought this was wrong and straightened the cough out.  Then it was 74/48.  I looked up and my Dad was there as that point.  I told Dad his BP was really low and he felt Kenny's head...told me too...he was cold.  I went and asked the nurse then if they could put it on the other arm just to make sure they did and it was even lower.  I left my dad and Brenda and went and got my mom.  Told her and Brenda was talking to the nurse asking if we should contact the family.  He said when he got a hold of the Doctor he would let us know.  So then my mom went to be back with my dad and Kenny.  It was only a matter of minutes and Kenny passed away with my Mom telling him just to stop fighting that it was OK. (my mom was his step mother but loved him as her own)  Kenny was 45 Years old.  He had a very loving wife, Donna Ramsdell,  2 beautiful daughters Sara Ramsdell Payton and Jamie Ramsdell.  A darling granddaugher, Kennedy Payton.  A Mother Barbra Myers.  A Father William S Ramsdell.  Step Mother Janet Ramsdell.  Brothers Mike, Ronnie, Rick and David Ramsdell.  Sister, Judi Ramsdell Hebb.  Also a lot of nieces and nephews.  
I am his sister Judi who is writing this and if anyone would like to contact me please do so at or Kenny's daughter Sara Ramsdell Payton at                   

Courtney Ann Shelstad

May 18, 1982 - July 10, 1999

Please click on Courtney's name above to view her story

Kevin Paul Branyan

October 26, 1970 - July 4, 1998

Graduate of Ohio State University, College of Business Administration with a degree in Finance.  Kevin died at the University Hospitals of Cleveland, Cleveland, Ohio (Case Western Reserve University)

In Loving Memory
Please contact:


Martha Rae McGarrity Busby

May 24, 1942 - May 11, 2001

My mother entered the hospital with Pneumonia and sepsis on March 31, 2001.  Two days later, she was diagnosed with ARDS. She was put on the ventilator and the "roller coaster ride" began. On April 23, the doctor said there was a possibility she would be put in a room in a few days. Unfortunately, In a few days she started going down hill. She developed every complication you can imagine. The doctor said there was no hope. Her body just couldn't take it any longer. On May 11, 2001, God called her home. She will be missed by many.  We Love You Mama!  Your Girls

             Martha Rae             
      Today we are gathered to honor...the memory of Martha Rae.
  She had many wonderful attributes... of which we can speak today.
  Her kindness, unselfish generosity... and on and on we could go.
Yet, she wasn't perfect...but forgiven... the day God saved her soul.
    She had failures...such as we her 58 years of life.
     Made some wrong decisions...that also brought her strife.
     But from them she found forgiveness...flowing from above.
    Forgiveness that's afforded...through God's grace and love.
  I believe if she could speak to us...perhaps what she would say.
    Is, "I didn't want to leave you...but it was time to go away.
      Because, as I hovered here...a glimpse of home I did see.
 Then Jesus spoke, 'it's time to go home' His arms encircled me.
     Instantly I was standing in... heaven's portals up on high.
        Jesus smiled at me... as His arms swept open wide.
    He said, 'Martha, look around you...and your eyes will see.
   The home I prepared for you...when you gave your life to me.'
   I lifted my voice in my wondrous Lord and King.
   Saying, Glory to the Lamb of whom I owe everything.
  Oh, God gave me many blessings...while down here in this world.
Like my wonderful brothers @ sisters...and my precious little girls.
I had heartaches and struggles too...but, the one thing that is true.
   Heaven is worth every struggle...on earth that we go through.
          Sonya, Vickie,...when your hearts are heavy...
               God's strength will help you stand.
    Girls...Mama's waiting for a not so distant land.
    Remember what I've taught you...and how much I love you too.
Live your lives for Jesus...and when your work on earth is through.
       I'll be waiting in heaven for you!     Love...Mom"
                  Written by: Gale Steed 5-12-01

In Loving Memory of Victoria "Lynn" Curtis

June 4, 1956 -  April 29, 2001

My mother left behind 3 wonderful daughters a mother and her husband.  She left this world on a Sunday 10 days after being admitted to Trinity Lutheran Hospital in Kansas City for a simple surgery on her bowel that lasted 10 hours instead of 4.  When they did the surgery they found adhesions wrapped around every major organ in her stomach and fixed everything after surgery they told us she had developed ARDS, which we had never heard of before.  When she was in ICU they had her sedated most of the time, her Doctor had told us that he has never heard of anyone surviving this he must not have done his research.  Anyway she was sedated most of the time in the hospital she had occasions when she was awake and family did get to talk to her.  After about 7 days on the respirator they put a trach in and put her on heavier medication to paralyze her the next day we got a call at 4:45 in the morning explaining she had a high fever and to get down there quick.  We arrived and she passed away around 9:45 in the morning.  She was only 44 years old.  She was a great person, very funny, loved her family and her grandchildren were her life.  She had the greatest smile and eyes I have ever seen and I'm sure she is one of the most beautiful angels there is in heaven now. 
If anyone wishes to contact me you may do so at 

Thanks, Angela Waits

Melinda Sue (Brooks) Franklin    

July 12, 1980 - February 20, 1999

Mindy left behind two little girls named Jodeci & Alexis and a family that loves and misses her very much.  She developed ARDS on January 13, 1999 after first being diagnosed with bi-lateral pnuemonia on January 12. During all of this she was 31 weeks pregnant the baby survived but Mindy's body could no longer fight the infection. Her stay in the hospital was 6 of the longest weeks but in retrospect ARDS came on fast and hung around way to long. We hope there is a cure and soon because the devastation on the patient and family is irreversible.  Please contact at we are here for anyone who just needs a shoulder and a ear to listen.

Technical Sergeant James R. Eck, USAF

May 10, 1966 - April 25, 2001

 My brother Jim was on temporary duty in Turkey when on April 7th a tumor ruptured in his left kidney causing a massive hemorrhage. He had emergency surgery to repair the damage. After the surgery he was on a ventilator. While in the hospital at the University of Adana Turkey he developed staph infection. They made 1 attempt to remove him from the vent, but were unable to do so. On April 14th he was taken by med flight to the Army/Air Force Hospital in Landstuhl, Germany. We were notified on the 15 that he had pneumonia. On April 17th his wife called and told us we need to come to Germany. My parents, sister and I flew to him the next day. April 18th they were able to put him on a trach. when we arrived in Germany they told us of the ARDS diagnosis and that only 50% survive. April 21st he went into renal failure. The hospital in Landstuhl didn't have a dialysis machine. He was taken by emergency ICU transport to the University Hospital in Homburg. He died April 25th with his wife Julie by his side. Jim was buried with full military honors May 3 in Lancaster, WI. Our family is devastated by his loss. Jim is
survived by his wife Julie, daughter Megan, son Jimmy Jr., his parents Bob and Phyllis Eck, sisters Angie (David) Dunn and Christine (Brian Corell), nieces Kessa and Hanah Corell and Erin Dunn, and nephews Matt Dunn and BJ Corell, several aunts, uncles, cousins and friends in the service around the world.

Send communications to

Jonathan James Clements

November 14, 1984 - May 11, 1996

Our youngest son Jon had been a fit, healthy, rugby-playing boy, with very little history of any illness whatsoever.  He caught what we thought to be a cold, which quickly developed into staphylococcal pneumonia.  He was taken to our local hospital in Brighton, England - The Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children.  From here he was put onto a ventilator and transferred immediately to Guy's Hospital in London.  His condition deteriorated over the week, so he was then transferred to Great Ormond Street Hospital, where he was put on an ECMO machine.  He died that evening from bleeding in his brain.  One Saturday he was out flying a kite, the following Saturday he was dead!  He will always live in our hearts, and we think of him every day!  
From his Mum, Dad, Sisters, Brother and Niece.

Replies can be sent to  

William Jay Christiansen "Billy"

March 2, 1956 - November 9, 2000

On September 28, 2000, my brother Billy was flown from the city he lived in Fort Mohave, Arizona to a hospital in Henderson Nevada where he died on November 9, 2000.
When he first went to the hospital he could not breath.  He was diagnosed with pneumonia in August but the medications they were giving him did not work and he went to the same hospital five more times in that six or seven week period to be seen in the emergency room and sent home with medicines that did nothing.  In fact on his third trip they sent him home with Ibuprofin only??
On September 28th he was taken to the same hospital in an ambulance but unfortunately it was too late, they had him flown to a hospital in Nevada where he was diagnosed with ARDS and put on a ventilator for thirty days.  They had tried to wean him off the vent twice, then on November 8th they did a trach which we all thought was going to be a good thing, but the next morning November 9, 2000, my sweet loving brother Billy's heart stopped and they could not get it started again.  His six week hospital stay had ended up being the end of his life.  He will be missed everyday by his mom and his sisters and brothers, and loved for the rest of our lives.
I never heard of ARDS until Billy got it.  It is hard to believe such a terrible unthinkable disease could go unknown by so many people.  "I miss you Billy" He leaves his mother Ernestine, his brothers Robert, Mike and Tim.  His sisters Denise and Stacey. All his nieces and nephews, Ricky, Danny and Erik, Ryan, Kelly, Haley and Mallory.

We love you Billy!

Please respond to Denise at


Robert Anthony Earp

July 1, 1958 - November 13, 2000

He was born and raised and still lived in Dyersburg, Tennessee.  He was transferred to Jackson Tennessee, Jackson Madison County Hospital, where he died.  We only know he had some type of pneumonia, the autopsy report is not completed yet, but he was a healthy man as far as we knew.  I talked to him three days before he went to the hospital and he said he was fine but he did sound a little short of breath but denied that to me.  He was a used car dealer and worked hard every day.
My darling, we miss you so much.  Don't understand why you had to go away, we will meet again.  Missed terribly by mom, sons Brad and John, brothers Jeff and Greg and lot of others who loved you so so much.
Rest my son, we'll see you in the morning.

Replies may be sent to Ruth at

Rich Hibbard

October 31, 1938 - October 30, 2000

He contracted ARDS following a successful heart valve replacement surgery, and battled it fiercely for three months only to die of sepsis after a brief recovery.  He was from East Boston, Massachusetts.  He died at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston, Ma.  He was the husband of Fran Hibbard and the father of Robin Lennon and Debra Woodside and Papa to Kristina Lennon, Kevin Woodside and John Lennon.  We will love and miss you forever.   Love Fran, daughters and grandchildren - life without you won't be the same.

All replies can be sent to me at



Brenda Elaine Weaver

September 20, 1941 – January 7, 1999

She passed away with ARDS after battling so many different medical conditions,
mainly a staff infection.   She went to the emergency room with her back bothering her. The next thing we know is she is on this ventilator and the doctors are telling us she is probably going to die.  We had less than a month with her, before she died.  My sisters and myself had never heard of ARDS before then.  I went on the internet then to find info and never did, but this is good now.  I can finally try to understand what happened.  She was a very good woman who had a very bad medical history, in which she was in pain all the time.   Now she is not in pain anymore.  She is survived by 3 daughters, 2 grandsons, 2 granddaughters, and 1 great grandson.  We miss her.



In Loving Memory of Jason Douglas Overby

December 5, 1978 – July 1, 1999

 On Easter Sunday 1999, our son Jason was admitted to the hospital after an accident on his ATV.  He had emergency surgery for pancreatitis and spent 90 days in the intensive care unit.  He aspirated during surgery and was on a ventilator.  He developed ARDS, kidney failure and VRE in his bloodstream.   Until his accident Jason was a healthy and outgoing 20 year old.  We miss him more each day.  I know heaven is a brighter place now that he’s there with his beautiful smile, he could light up a room with that smile of his.  Jason left behind a younger brother, Chris, whose life will never be the same without his big brother.  They were best friends. We know that one day when god calls us home we will be with Jason again.   Until then we visit his grave daily and we hold in our hearts wonderful memories of our dear son.  He had so much to live for, so much he never got to do.  Jason’s favorite song had a verse in it that says “Someday we’ll all have perfect wings.”  Jason, you have your perfect wings, we love you and miss you…

 Sandy, Doug and Chris Overby

 Email to


Robert Cayer

Born Feb. 4 1952 Died Feb. 20, 2000

 Lost a seven week fight with ARDS caused by lung trauma and pneumonia. 

Royal Columbian Hospital, New Westminster, British Columbia.

My beloved soulmate, I miss you every day.  Even though no words passed between us while you were on life support, I know what you tried so hard to say to me....and "Robb, I love you too.   Always have and alway will."  Survived by his loving mate of 25 years, sisters Annette, Grace, Rene and Carol and brothers Leonard and Gus.  Predeceased by his brother Richard whom I know held his hand and helped him across


Craig Michael Biagi

March 9, 1953 - July 25, 2000

South San Francisco

Developed ARDS following Pneumonia

Cherished husband to Laurie, loving father to Anthony and Nicholas, adored son to Frances and Ralph, devoted brother to Deborah, Robert and David.  Until we meet again dear brother, please know that you are missed by many, with all of us thankful for our memories of you.  Forever with love, your sister Deborah.

Cecelia L. Bloyer

November 28, 1999

My mother Cecelia L. Bloyer passed away from ARDS which she developed from a tramatic fall she took, which extended from her battle with MS.  She was in Washington County Hospital in the ICU Unit for two weeks on life support.  She was given the best care possible, and I do commend the nurses in that unit.  She is survived by her husband of 40 years, Kenneth L. Bloyer.  Two daughters, Terri Miller and Kristi Bloyer.  Two sons, Gary Bloyer and Mark Bloyer.  A sister Margie Rawlinson, and eight grandchildren, Andy, Misty, Gary Jr., Kari, Zach, Annie, Josh, and Danniell.  We all miss her so very much.  We love you and miss you dearly.   Contact Terri at:

Bill D. Harriger

May 30, 1936 - May 16, 2000

ARDS developed after Total Knee Replacement Surgery

 Bill was recently from Panora Iowa, but had lived for many years in Tigard Oregon. He died at Methodist Hospital in Des Moines, Iowa.  Bill was a wonderful father, and husband. His spirit, wisdom and love will live on in his family. He is survived by his wife Emmy Harriger,  sons Jim Harriger, Tom Baker, Steve Baker, and Shawn Baker, and by daughters Laurel Hardy, and Cindy Baker.  He was also the loving Teepaw to grandsons William and Joseph Hardy. He was reunited in Heaven with his wife on 25 years, Betty Lou Harriger. Bill is also survived my more friends than one can count. They were precious to him, and his love and admiration were evident in his everyday life.  We miss you more each day, but find peace in the presence of your spirit, and the knowledge that you suffer no more. We love you Daddy!  Any corresponence can be sent to Laurel Hardy at

Carolyn Elizabeth Hornsby

February 27, 1942 – September 14, 2000

Developed ARDS following Pneumonia

Survived by two children, Brian Allen Westbrooks and Derri Linn Edge.  Five grandchildren, a mother and father, and many friends.  She was the most gifted and loving person I’ve ever known.  She now has her golden wings and will be missed as long as I live.  I love you mom.  Send emails to:


Russell G. Holder Jr.

November 8, 1931 – July 7, 2000

ARDS following Pneumonia

Russell was admitted to Prespyterian Hospital in Charlotte, NC. On June 17.  He was diagnosed with pneumonia, which turned into ARDS on June 19.  After 2 ˝ weeks on the ventilator, his kidneys began to fail and he passed away July 7.  Fathers Day, June 18 was the last day he was able to speak with his children.  Russell was a loving husband, father, and grandfather who will be missed  tremendously by everyone who knew him.  His remarkable zest for living  touched all those around him.   He was probably one of the best and smartest engineers in the country who always shared his passion for his work with others.  He was a loyal family man, who always provided for his wife and children.  His passion for living carried over to his 3 children, daughters Debbie Major and Cindy Jurgensen, and son Rusty Holder.   "Daddy, we will always miss you and love you."  From your 3 loving children, Debbie, Cindy and Rusty. Please send messages to:

Son Rusty at:
Daughter Cindy at :



Gary Edward Henderson
"Big Head"

April 29, 1947 - January 28, 2000

Developed ARDS after taking chemotherapy and radiation for Hodgkin's Disease.  He was on the ventilator for 21 days.  He was in Maury Regional Hospital in Columbia, Tn.  Sadly and deeply missed by his wife of 29 years, Pat "Daddy's Little Girl", Lisa Son-In-Law Danny and other family and friends.  Daddy you were a friend to everyone you ever met and you will never be forgotten and we will never stop missing and loving you. Email Lisa at:



Charles E. "Buddy" McDaniel

March 16, 1938 - August 15, 1999

My father  was diagnosed with ards after he was badly injured in a car acident.  His left side was broken very badly and he was unable to breath on his own.  He was a resident of Newport, Ms for 61 years.  He left behind his wife Peggy McDaniel and 3 daughters Kim Long, Pam Kemp, and Samantha McDaniel.  He also had 4 grandchildren Colby Kemp, Brittany and Katelyn Long and the late Breanna Long. He was a very loving and wonderful father and grandfather.   Me and my family miss him very much, but we know he is in heaven watching over us and one day soon we will see him again.  We Love You Very Much Daddy.
My name is Pam Kemp, I can be contacted at:


Byron G. (Binky) Inman of Chesapeake, VA

February 13, 1947 - August 1, 2000

Died in Maryview Hospital, Portsmouth, VA after developing ARDS from  pneumonia. He was an active member of the community and a senior manager of US Navy Acquistion community.  He left three children, George Byron, Brady and Kristina.  He also had a long term relationship with Karen, and was finally coming around to marriage after losing his wife to cancer five years ago. Many family and friends are in disbelief that someone this healthy and active  could die so quickly.  In Karen's heart, Binky is still here, watching over us.  Rest in peace, and may I join you in heaven someday, where there is no illness, suffering or stress. 

Karen may be reached at:


Jesse Brian Broderick

May 31, 1981 - July 9, 2000
of Moss Beach, California.

Jesse died 19 years young of ARDS precipitated by viral pnuemonia with asthmatic complications.   He was as strong, tough and healthy prior to this sudden illness as this family had ever seen.  His father, Dennis Broderick, will be eternally sorrowfull that Jesse was taken from us before he had the chance to grow into the man we knew he would become.

"What a bond to break, What a life to take, We'll be missing you."

E-mails can be sent to his family at:



Lowrie Davies Tietz

December 30, 1944 - August 27, 1999


Contracted ARDS following a bile leakage from a recent gall bladder surgery that led to sepsis. Lowrie was from Millington, Tennessee and died at Baptist East Memorial Hospital. She left a husband who loved her dearly, Bob, a daughter who gave birth to her first grandson 10 days after her death, Mary, a son, Jud, and myself, Sarah, the youngest of the three children.




Ranny Edward Gray

August 10, 1951 - July 30, 2000

Lived in Harrisburg, Arkansas.  Contracted ARDS after pneumonia.  Loving husband of 22 years to Phyllis Gray.  Loving and devoted Dad to Jeremy Gray and Holly Gray.  Ranny's laughter and smile will be forever in our hearts.

E-mail to:




December 17, 1973 -  June 22, 2000

Danielle just had her first child, son JaHaun, on May 28, 2000 and was admitted June 5, 2000 into Schumpert Medical Center, Shreveport, Louisiana. She was diagnosed with pneumonia and developed ARDS. Danielle is survived by her son JaHaun, mother Doris, sister Shundon, and brothers Al, Jackie, Tony and Jacoby.
They will miss her with all their hearts and will never be the same.
We know you are watching over us all ! Emails can be sent to family at:



Petroczi Marton

June 17, 1973 -  November 4, 1998

After a motorbike accident, (in Hungary) resulting in pneumothorax, then pneumonia from ICU, my darling Marci developed ARDS. After 14 days of struggle, I whispered to him he could go if he really wanted to, that I wouldn't be mad. I miss you every day my little Martonka, and I'm still waiting for my turo rudi, have some when we meet again. I love you, Liza ! Emails can be sent to Liza at:



Sabina A. Pekarski

July 25, 1921 - July 4, 2000

ARDS developed from sepsis after abdominal surgery. She entered ICU at Eastside Medical Center in Snellville, GA on Friday, May 26 and went on the ventilator on Memorial Day, the 29th. She fought a tough battle and was doing better, until she suffered a pneumothorax on Thursday 6/29. From then on, she went downhill. She will be greatly missed by her son Garyn, daughter Nilorie, and their spouses. Four sisters, one brother, six grandchildren, four great-grandchildren, and many nieces and nephews. See you on the other side, Mom. Don't work too hard getting the mansion ready !   Emails can be sent to the family at:



Laura A Harris

June 5, 1969 - July 1, 2000

After developing ARDS from open heart surgery.She was in ICU for 7 weeks, had a trach done June 27 and her condition downgraded from there. She will be sadly missed by friends, co-workers, and family, especially her husband David. Email David at:



Patricia Joan Conners

March 24, 1928 - July 1, 2000

She had rotator cuff surgery on may 4th and went into acute adult respiratory distress syndrome. She fought a brave battle for two months. She was at St. Josephs hospital in St. Paul MN. We never had the opportunity to speak to her, but I spoke to her every day. In the end I told her to let go and to stop fighting, and that it was going to be o.k. I told her daily not be afraid. She suffered her last of three heart attacks. She will be greatly missed by her cherished husband Paul and her loving daughter Susan.
I love you mom, you were the light of my life.  Email Susan at:




Lynne Gilmore

December 25, 1940 - May 13, 2000 at 3:35pm.

She had a splenectomy on March 31st, developed ARDS on May 7th and never came home. She is greatly missed by her husband Jack. Daughters Chris and Jacki, Sons RIP and Mike. She had 9 grandchildren, Michael, Jami, Andrea, Michael, Jessica, Matthew, Tanner, Sammy and Jordyn. I would love to here from others with similar situations. Email Chris at:



Betty L. Clements

Passed away at 5:15 p.m. on March 7, 2000

After a long battle with ARDS after knee surgery. Betty was born on February 14, 1939 and lived in Houma, LA.  She is survived by her loving husband, Frank P. Clements her mother, Verda M. Babin. Two sons, Lewis V. Hulan, Jr. and Jack P.Clements. One daughter, Reva H Folse two daughters-in-law, Stephanie Clements and Francine Fremin, two brothers, Chester V. Parker and wife, Sherrie Parker and Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Martinez. Betty was the very special grandmother of five grandsons, Chad Hulan, Troy Webre, Joshua Clements, Jake Clements and Brad Martin. She also had six granddaughters, Tara Martin, Crissy Hulan, Alexa Clements, Teddi Jane Folse, Jennifer Webre, and Misty Hulan. There were five great-grand children for her to cherish and love. If you would like to leave me a message you can e-mail me, Betty's granddaughter, at:


Special Poem



Lydia Mae Bauer ("Punkin")

November 10, 1932 - February 22, 2000

ARDS following pneumonia and associated with sepsis, Christian Northeast Hospital, Bellfountaine Neighbors, Missouri.  Loving mother of Peggy Bauer, grandmother of Jessica Bryant and Jr. Bryant, Soon to be Great Grandmother, sister, aunt, cousin, and friend.

"We will always hold your smile close to our heart Aunt Punkin!!!!!"

Please send messages to niece,

Dawn Zimmerman



Bernice Eaton

October 10, 1934 - February 11, 2000

ARDS following cyst removal surgery and staff infection and blood transfusion. Medical Hospital of Lewisville Lewisville, Texas.  Loving homemaker and mother of sons, Michael and Kenneth Eaton and daughter, Kathy Parks. Please send messages to daughter Kathy.



Carlie Lamar Wilson

February 14, 1948 - February 5, 2000

Born in Quitman, Mississippi, Died at Memorial Medical Center, New Orleans, Louisiana.  ARDS following sepsis following chemotherapy for AML Survived by his mother Helen, sister Wanda, many nieces and nephews, and cousin Linda, who says, "Carlie was my hero in life now my angel in Heaven." Please send messages to cousin, Linda



Robert William Weaver Jr.

September 5, 1946 - January 26, 2000

ARDS with sepsis following liver transplant Johnstown, Pennsylvania.   Survived by his wife, Joanne Weaver  daughter, Michelle Craig, son, Kevin Weaver father, Robert Weaver Sr., mother, Dorothy Weaver and sister, Cheryl Korenoski "Forever remembered and loved."  Please send messages to daughter, Michelle



James T. Howard Jr.

April 10, 1955 - January 17, 2000

ARDS following pneumonia born in Annapolis, Maryland died in Portsmouth, Virginia. U.S.Navy Lt.(Ret.) Son of Audrey and Tom Howard, Father of three sons Jason, Justin, and Brandon, Ex-Husband and friend of Janice Howard, Brother of Dawn Goodnow, Wayne and Bill, Grandson of Lil Williams, Uncle of Amanda, Rebecca, and Kaitlyn, Brother-in-law of Mark and Holly.  Please send messages to:


or Dawn



JoAnn Ellen Schady Hillard

December 6, 1935 - January 7, 2000

ARDS following bypass surgery 12/10/99.  Loving wife of David Hillard, mother of Scott Hillard and Leslie Smith, sister of Mary Lou Theiss, and aunt of Renee Golick.  Please send messages to:




Lowanda Purvis

April 24, 1944 - December 31, 1999

ARDS following pneumonia,  Alabaster, Alabama.  wife of R.S. Purvis for 39 years, mother of Tony Purvis, Tammy Purvis, Tim Purvis and Traci Bean, "Nana" to Cam Bedsole, Haleigh Purvis, Josh Purvis, and Logan Bean.  Please send messages to son Tony at:



Norman McLeod

March 12, 1929 - December 28, 1999

ARDS from pneumonia and congestive heart failure
Died at St. Jos. Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor, MI.

Beloved husband of Mary, loving father of Megan Williams, Sheila (Ross) Gatzke, Elizabeth Hilton, and Barbara (James) McAree, beloved grandfather of 9 and uncle of many nieces and nephews. Please send messages to wife Mary at:



Jessie Mae Christensen

July 1, 1921- December 21, 1999

ARDS following pneumonia.  Survived by husband Howard, Children: Jane and Les Wong, Diane and Rick Dykstra, Kris and Ray Baas, and Dan Christensen Grandchildren: Jennifer and Steve Schroder, Joe Westerling and John Westerling, Gordon Bass and Brian Baas .  Great Grandchildren: Mitchell, Megan, and Madeline Schroder, Colton Westerling.   Sisters and Brother: Anne Palmer, Marion VandeWater, and Dick and Anne Bursma, along with many nieces and nephews. Messages may be sent to:

Jennifer Schroder at:
Jane Wong at:
and Kris Baas at: 



Martha M. Bartczak

March 14, 1927 - December 7, 1999

ARDS following major trauma from car accident. RML Specialty Hospital Hinsdale, IL.  Mother of Robert T. Bartczak. You were loved and we will miss you. Please send messages to son Robert at:



Elizabeth (Beth) Growney

October 7, 1939 - November 27, 1999

Kansas City, Missouri.  Death due to ARDS following pneumonia.   Beloved wife of Ed Growney, Devoted mother of Jane, Mary Beth, Karen, Ted, Julie, Kevin, Tim and Joe.  Favorite grandmother of Katie, Danny, Becky, Libby, Ryan, Molly, Connor, Alex, Andrew, Laura, Megan, Caroline, Kelly, and Dylan.  "Blessed is the mother who shares so much love, for she is God's special angel on earth." Send messages to daughter, Jane Keiffer at:



Colleen Reid Solis

October 18, 1936 - November 22, 1999


ARDS following pneumonia after surgery for lung cancer.  Valley Hospital Las Vegas, NV.  Loving mother, wife, and grandmother.  "For every negative, there is a positive."  Please send messages to husband Ron at :



Rebecca Lounsbury

May 22, 1969 - November 11, 1999

St. Joseph's Hospital London, Ontario.  Beloved wife of Adam Lounsbury, Mother of Katie and Cassie.  "You will be forever remembered and loved."  Please send messages to:



Harold Crawford

December 15, 1957 - November 3, 1999

ARDS following surgery for aneurysm, Des Pere Hospital, St. Louis.   Loving husband of Tracy, father of Megan and Phillip, son of Marian Melenbrink, brother of Marietta, Myra, Bruce and Brian.  "He will be missed by a lot of people who loved him dearly."  Please send messages to sister, Myra at :



Rebecca (Becky) LaMay Hogland DiVerdi

May 21, 1976 - October 31, 1999

ARDS after surgery to remove colon due to Crohn's disease.   Baptist Medical Center Little Rock, Arkansas.  Loving mother of Bella DiVerdi and Wife of John.  Daughter of Thomas and Kitty, Sister of Tonya and Tammy, Aunt of Brettenie, Shelby, and Banoo.  Loving grandaughter, cousin, niece, and friend.   Please send messages to sister, Tonya Roberts:



Evelyn Young

August 25, 1940 - October 31, 1999

Cleveland, Ohio.  ARDS associated with double pneumonia.   Beloved wife, mother, and grandmother.  Please send messages to daughter, Kimberly Mullins
Special Poem for Eveyln



Mona B. O'Bier

November 30, 1932 - October 30, 1999

ARDS following hip surgery.  Devoted mother to Cheryl McCartney and Carl Bottom.  Grandmother of Shawn, Michael, and Danielle.  Mother-in-law to Debby Bottom. "May the artistry of your painting brighten up the walls in heaven."  "WE LOVE YOU!"  Please send messages to Debby:



Kebin Aaron Rattle

June 5, 1975 - October 20, 1999

Loving son of Debra Rattle in Norton Suburban Hospital Louisville, KY.  ARDS associated with double pneumonia and sepsis.  "You were and will always be mommy's heart and inspiration. I miss you so much." Please send messages to:



Merrill "Max" Hadley

February 8, 1932 - October 18, 1999

ARDS following triple by-pass surgery.  Beloved husband of Andrea Adams-Hadley.  Father of Cathy Stanley, John Hadley, Susan Roy, and William Haldey.  Grandfather of Jean-Marie, Colin and Alison.  "We Miss Him."   Please send messages to Susan Roy at:

or Andrea Adams-Hadley at:



Brigida Marie Rallo

July 21, 1942 -  October 29, 1999

ARDS after aspiration during surgery, San Diego, California.  survived by her husband, Gaetano, daughter and son-in-law - Josephine & Richard Padilla, two daughters - Angela and Patrizia Rallo, and granddaughter, Adriana Padilla Please send messages to daughter, Patrizia at:



Viola Manaway

August 13, 1999

ARDS following knee surgery.  82 year old grandmother of Crystal.



Jim Hartigan, Jr.

February 11, 1957 - July 27, 1999

ARDS following broken neck and paralysis after diving off boat at Lake Ontario. Loving husband of Rita Hartigan, father of five children, grandfather of two grandchildren.  "He was and still is the GREATEST dad and husband in the world.   We all miss him."  Please send messages to wife, Rita at:



Arne J. Boye

January 3, 1932 - July 18, 1999

London Victoria Hospital, Ontario Canada.  ARDS following lung surgery.  Beloved husband of Elly Boye.  Father of Allan, Thomas, and David.   Father-in-law to Petra and Susan Boye.  Grandfather to only grandchild, Megan,who will sorely miss him.  Please send messages to son, Thomas Boye




September 6, 1968 - July 10, 1999

ARDS following back surgery due to car accident.  Loving mother of two daughters, Nikki and Kaylee.  Sister of Larry, Jeff, and Rob.  Daughter of Barb Delaney.



Ethel S. Cook

June 4, 1913 - July 4, 1999

ARDS following bowel obstruction.  Mother of Sandra Woodson, Mother-in-law of Robert Woodson, Grandmother to only grandchild, Madison. "We love and miss you."  Please send messages to daughter, Sandra Woodson



Louis A. "Dampa" Ciolkowski

August 4, 1923 -  May 2, 1999

Born in Adams, Massachusetts.  Died at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts ARDS after surgery for aorto-abdominal aneurysm.   Loving husband of Beverly, Father of Carrie, Jill, Kim, Lynn and Wendy, Grandfather and "Dampa" to Tina, Michael, Kristi, Christopher, Amanda, Hannah, Kate and Max.   Please send messages to grandaughter Tina at:



Patty Spaniel

May 7, 1950 - April 26, 1999

Mother of Tammy Paine



Bonnie Hoffenberg

September 2, 1959 - March 21, 1999

friend of Judi Cardinale and Pamela Goodchild
and loving member of the Hoffenberg family.



John Rixham

March 2, 1999

Husband of Kathy Rixham.



David Balderman

February 7, 1999

Father of Avisahy Balderman,
Tel Aviv, Israel.



Glady "Sis" Derochea

February 4, 1999

Loving mother of Onlysion (John), Lori, Lynn, Jeff, Joseph, and Jim.



Ray Binder

on January 30, 1999

Husband of Jackie Rodack Binder and father of Diana and Shelle.



Bobby Duane Hatton

November 7, 1936 - January 26, 1999

Beloved Husband and Father.  Died of ARDS after surgery.



Gustav Leo

January 10, 1999

Husband of Natalie, and father of Valerie Fuller, Constance Carlson, and Bill and their family members.



Crista Lautermilch

June 11, 1979 - December 30, 1998

From ARDS after pneumonia.  Daughter of Darlene and Ernie Lautermilch.  Sister of Rebecca Lautermilch.



Sharon DeBok

December 4, 1998

From successful heart valve replacement.   Significant Other of Jim Scheffler.



Terry Graninger

December 3, 1998

From ARDS after car accident.  Mother of Tom & Lee Ann O'Toole



Alistair Macpherson

1961 - December 2, 1998

From pneumonia precipitated ARDS.  Brother of Emma Holden.



Sey (Seymour) Kay

November 28, 1998

Father of Kimberly and James Lauerman.


Florence Blacknall Elrod

April 29, 1916 - November 14, 1998

Secondary to noscocomial pneumonia following elective knee replacement surgery. Mother of Anne Meroney and of Joseph E. Elrod, III.



James I. McPherson

1928 - November 24, 1998

Father of Linda Hull.



Naomi D. Lankford

1932 - November 22, 1998

Mother-in-law of Dave.



Don Yarbrough

January 6, 1925 - November 11, 1998

Father of Nancy Yarbrough Doss.



Sheila Ann Dedmon

September 7, 1946 - November 1, 1998

ARDS after laproscopy & sepsis.  Mother of Shannon J. Dedmon.



Tiffany Lynn Hoffman

March 16, 1979 - October 15, 1998

ARDS after injuries in car accident.  Daughter of Ted and Debbie Hoffman.

The following link is to the website created in Tiffany's memory by her father, Ted Hoffman.

Visit Tiffany Lynn Hoffman's Memorial Page



Jason Hedgwood

October 7, 1998

ARDS after kidney stone surgery.  Son of Robin Hedgwood,
cousin of Kristi Stuetzer.



Joe Evans, Sr.

July 13, 1919 - October 5, 1998

Father of Joe and Sheila Evans.



Cheryl Ann Speiss

December 23, 1950 to September 26, 1998

Sister of Jane Greig.



Wilbert James Smith

March 24, 1920 - September 26, 1998

Father of Theresa Raymond.



John (Ivan) Biskup

October 18, 1923 - September 24, 1998

Husband of Gerda Biskup, father of Luise, Joanne, and Barbara, John Biskup, Jr. and his wife, Pam (Radgowski) grandfather of Chelsi Heide Biskup (daughter of Joanne Biskup and Timmy Black) and Jessie, pet dog of 13 years.



Arthur Gonzales, Sr.

June 3, 1931 - August 25, 1998

Father of Art Gonzales.



Marybeth Monaghen

June 19, 1962 - August 8, 1998

Daughter of Joan Monaghen and Jim Monaghen (deceased)  Sister of Paula Blonski  Sister of Sue, Bob, and Jim. 



Karen Cooke

November 18, 1980 - August 2, 1998

ARDS following pneumonia.  Daughter of Gary and Jacki Cooke,
sister of Keith Cooke.



Amy Forbes

October 17, 1977 - October 23, 1997

ARDS following injuries suffered in car accident.  Daughter of Jeff and Sherry Forbes, sister of Nikki Forbes, granddaughter of Ruth Brewer and Mildred Parker.  send messages to Jeff at:



Joan Marie Knutson

April 4, 1977 - June 9, 1997

ARDS following bacterial infection.  Daughter of Claudia Groh, sister of David, Scotty, and Andy.  "My only daughter. I will always remember and cheerish the moments we did have. Loving you still. I was always so Proud of you. Very Proud to have you as a daughter."

The following link is to a memorial web page created for Joanie by her mother, Claudia Groh, at another site location. There is a link back to our website at the bottom of the memorial page, or you may click the Back button in your browser menu bar as needed to return to this page.

Joanie's page



Christel D. Welch

March 6, 1962 - June 6, 1997

Sister and best friend of Cindy Meyers



Jacqueline S. Waller

November 16, 1948 -  May 7, 1997

Bride of Louis B. Waller.



Eric C. Mentzer

July 27, 1968 - February 21,1997

Son of Carol and Carl Mentzer.  Husband of Julissa.  Father of Christy.



Larry Sims

1946 - 1996
of Latonia, Kentucky

ARDS following successful heart valve replacement surgery,   Methodist Hospital, Houston, Texas.  "He went to heaven the day after Christmas, that's just the way he was!!!!"  Loving husband of Tina Sims.   Awesome Dad of Erin and David.  Father-in-Law to Travis.  Granddaughter he never knew named after him, Lauren.  "We miss you!!!"



Stacy L. Sawyers

May 27, 1965 - October 8, 1995

ARDS after injuries in car accident.   Husband of Kena Sawyer,
father of Kayla Sawyer.



William John Sinn

December 5, 1942 - April 21, 1994

ARDS, unknown precipitation.  In Loving Rememberance by   his wife Nancy (Ross) Sinn of Michigan,  daughter, Jennifer Sinn, with her friend, Howard Scholtz, daughter, Margie (Sinn) Nellett and her husband, Steve Nellet, and his grandhchildren Zachary William Keesler, Nathan Edward Keesler, Amber Nicole Nellett, and Hannah Ashley Nellet. send messages of support to Nancy Sinn at: or

or, daughter Margie



Jean F. Robbins

May 4, 1929 - November 24, 1989

ARDS following elective exploratory surgery.  Adored Wife of John J. Robbins.  Loving Mother of Susan E. Mauriello and husband Frank, Mark S. Robbins and wife Marjorie.  Beloved Nana of Lauren Mauriello, David and Lesley Robbins.  send messages of support to daughter, Susan Mauriello at:



Erin Winona Flowers

May 22, 1963 - April 11, 1983

ARDS from viral pneumonia.  Daughter of PJ Flowers.
Daughter of Edward Flowers (divorced).

The following link is to the website created in Erin's memory by her mother, PJ Flowers. Please bookmark this page before linking so that you may return here after visiting Erin's page.

"A Daughter's Gift and Legacy"