Judy Ann (Mateikat) Shipp

September 23, 1943 - September 27, 1987

From ARDS after hospital acquired pneumonia (after surgery)

Mother of:
Ivan (Sonny) Shipp, III (born 1964)
Tina Marie Shipp (born 1965)

She never knew she would have 4 handsome grandsons, the first born just 3 months after she died:

Ivan (Buddy) Shipp IV (born 1987)
David Preston Linkenhoker, III (born 1988)
Eric William Linkenhoker (born 1989)
Brett Andrew Linkenhoker (born 1993)


Crista Lautermilch

June 11, 1979 - December 30, 1998

From ARDS after pneumonia.  Daughter of Darlene and Ernie Lautermilch.  Sister of Rebecca Lautermilch.



Sharon DeBok

December 4, 1998

From successful heart valve replacement.   Significant Other of Jim Scheffler.



Terry Graninger

December 3, 1998

From ARDS after car accident.  Mother of Tom & Lee Ann O'Toole



Alistair Macpherson

1961 - December 2, 1998

From pneumonia precipitated ARDS.  Brother of Emma Holden.



Sey (Seymour) Kay

November 28, 1998

November 28, 1998

Father of Kimberly and James Lauerman.


James I. McPherson

1928 - November 24, 1998

Father of Linda Hull.



Naomi D. Lankford

1932 - November 22, 1998

Mother-in-law of Dave.



Florence Blacknall Elrod

April 29, 1916 - November 14, 1998

Secondary to noscocomial pneumonia following elective knee replacement surgery. Mother of Anne Meroney and of Joseph E. Elrod, III.



Don Yarbrough

January 6, 1925 - November 11, 1998

Father of Nancy Yarbrough Doss.



Sheila Ann Dedmon

September 7, 1946 - November 1, 1998

ARDS after laproscopy & sepsis.  Mother of Shannon J. Dedmon.



Tiffany Lynn Hoffman

March 16, 1979 - October 15, 1998

ARDS after injuries in car accident.  Daughter of Ted and Debbie Hoffman.

The following link is to the website created in Tiffany's memory by her father, Ted Hoffman.

Visit Tiffany Lynn Hoffman's Memorial Page



Jason Hedgwood

October 7, 1998

ARDS after kidney stone surgery.  Son of Robin Hedgwood,
cousin of Kristi Stuetzer.



Joe Evans, Sr.

July 13, 1919 - October 5, 1998

Father of Joe and Sheila Evans.



Cheryl Ann Speiss

December 23, 1950 to September 26, 1998

Sister of Jane Greig.



Wilbert James Smith

March 24, 1920 - September 26, 1998

Father of Theresa Raymond.



John (Ivan) Biskup

October 18, 1923 - September 24, 1998

Husband of Gerda Biskup, father of Luise, Joanne, and Barbara, John Biskup, Jr. and his wife, Pam (Radgowski) grandfather of Chelsi Heide Biskup (daughter of Joanne Biskup and Timmy Black) and Jessie, pet dog of 13 years.



Arthur Gonzales, Sr.

June 3, 1931 - August 25, 1998

Father of Art Gonzales.



Marybeth Monaghen

June 19, 1962 - August 8, 1998

Daughter of Joan Monaghen and Jim Monaghen (deceased)  Sister of Paula Blonski  Sister of Sue, Bob, and Jim. 



Karen Cooke

November 18, 1980 - August 2, 1998

ARDS following pneumonia.  Daughter of Gary and Jacki Cooke,
sister of Keith Cooke.


Kevin Paul Branyan

October 26, 1970 - July 4, 1998

Graduate of Ohio State University, College of Business Administration with a degree in Finance.  Kevin died at the University Hospitals of Cleveland, Cleveland, Ohio (Case Western Reserve University)

In Loving Memory
Please contact: 



Amy Forbes

October 17, 1977 - October 23, 1997

ARDS following injuries suffered in car accident.  Daughter of Jeff and Sherry Forbes, sister of Nikki Forbes, granddaughter of Ruth Brewer and Mildred Parker.  send messages to Jeff at:




Franklin (Red) Morter

October 19, 1962 � October 7, 1997

Butler, Pennsylvania

In memory of my loving husband and a wonderful daddy who passed away suddenly of ARDS.
My husband went in the hospital oct.2,1997 with real bad heartburn, being only 34 yrs old, to our surprise he was having a heart attack, they life-flighted him to St. Francis Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and proceeded to do a quad bypass surgery.  The surgery was a complete success, two days later the doctors discovered something in his lungs, thought to be pneumonia,. After doing some tests, it turned out to be ARDS.  I thought to myself, what is ARDS?  I never heard of this.  My husband was a picture of health, very active and so full of life.  I thought this could not be happening to us, our sons only 18 months old he needs his daddy, I need my husband. The day before my husband passed he kept telling me he just wanted to go home, and I kept telling him as soon as you get better that's exactly where we're gonna go, and he would say no, I want to go home. Well, now I know what home he wanted to go to, he just could not fight anymore. My husband went to heaven on October 7,1997.  He's not in pain anymore and I know he's in god's hands now.  He now lives on in our son....he's just like you Red... You will always be in our hearts now and forever...
You will always be missed, and very much loved by your family & friends.
We love you Red!!!!
Your loving wife Vikki & your son Frankie Jr.

Contact Vikki at: vmfred@zoominternet.net


Joan Marie Knutson

April 4, 1977 - June 9, 1997

ARDS following bacterial infection.  Daughter of Claudia Groh, sister of David, Scotty, and Andy.  "My only daughter. I will always remember and cheerish the moments we did have. Loving you still. I was always so Proud of you. Very Proud to have you as a daughter."

The following link is to a memorial web page created for Joanie by her mother, Claudia Groh, at another site location. There is a link back to our website at the bottom of the memorial page, or you may click the Back button in your browser menu bar as needed to return to this page.

Joanie's page



Christel D. Welch

March 6, 1962 - June 6, 1997

Sister and best friend of Cindy Meyers



John W. Honse

February 19, 1931 - May 14, 1997

House Springs, MO

What a great father and overall good person he was.  Father of eight.  We miss him very much.


Jacqueline S. Waller

November 16, 1948 -  May 7, 1997

Bride of Louis B. Waller.



Eric C. Mentzer

July 27, 1968 - February 21,1997

Son of Carol and Carl Mentzer.  Husband of Julissa.  Father of Christy.


Jonathan James Clements

November 14, 1984 - May 11, 1996

Our youngest son Jon had been a fit, healthy, rugby-playing boy, with very little history of any illness whatsoever.  He caught what we thought to be a cold, which quickly developed into staphylococcal pneumonia.  He was taken to our local hospital in Brighton, England - The Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children.  From here he was put onto a ventilator and transferred immediately to Guy's Hospital in London.  His condition deteriorated over the week, so he was then transferred to Great Ormond Street Hospital, where he was put on an ECMO machine.  He died that evening from bleeding in his brain.  One Saturday he was out flying a kite, the following Saturday he was dead!  He will always live in our hearts, and we think of him every day!  
From his Mum, Dad, Sisters, Brother and Niece.

Replies can be sent to Clemeps@aol.com  


Larry Sims

1946 - 1996
of Latonia, Kentucky

ARDS following successful heart valve replacement surgery,   Methodist Hospital, Houston, Texas.  "He went to heaven the day after Christmas, that's just the way he was!!!!"  Loving husband of Tina Sims.   Awesome Dad of Erin and David.  Father-in-Law to Travis.  Granddaughter he never knew named after him, Lauren.  "We miss you!!!"



Janet Marie Lang (Barber)

September 29, 1948 - April 30, 1996

Wellington, Ohio

Memorial Contents: My Beloved Mom  You are sadly missed by Gramma, Sissy, Uncle Duane, Jen, Michelle, and Me.  It is still so hard after 5 yrs to believe that you are gone. We want you to know that we Love you and Miss You and wish you could be here with us.  But we know that you are One of our Guardian Angels and that you are watching and taking care of all of us.  Say Hello to Uncle Ron and Granpa and tell them that we Love them and miss them too.

Email Charlene at: Angeleyes2472@hotmail.com

posted 12/15/2001


Stacy L. Sawyers

May 27, 1965 - October 8, 1995

ARDS after injuries in car accident.   Husband of Kena Sawyer,
father of Kayla Sawyer.



William John Sinn

December 5, 1942 - April 21, 1994

ARDS, unknown precipitation.  In Loving Rememberance by   his wife Nancy (Ross) Sinn of Michigan,  daughter, Jennifer Sinn, with her friend, Howard Scholtz, daughter, Margie (Sinn) Nellett and her husband, Steve Nellet, and his grandhchildren Zachary William Keesler, Nathan Edward Keesler, Amber Nicole Nellett, and Hannah Ashley Nellet. send messages of support to Nancy Sinn at:

Sinn912@aol.com or NSinn912@cs.com

or, daughter Margie MIsnowangels@aol.com



Jean F. Robbins

May 4, 1929 - November 24, 1989

ARDS following elective exploratory surgery.  Adored Wife of John J. Robbins.  Loving Mother of Susan E. Mauriello and husband Frank, Mark S. Robbins and wife Marjorie.  Beloved Nana of Lauren Mauriello, David and Lesley Robbins.  send messages of support to daughter, Susan Mauriello at:




Erin Winona Flowers

May 22, 1963 - April 11, 1983

ARDS from viral pneumonia.  Daughter of PJ Flowers.
Daughter of Edward Flowers (divorced).

The following link is to the website created in Erin's memory by her mother, PJ Flowers. Please bookmark this page before linking so that you may return here after visiting Erin's page.

"A Daughter's Gift and Legacy"