On December 30, 1998, Crista was taken away from us by a strange condition called ADULT RESPIRATORY DISTRESS SYNDROME (ARDS). She developed this as a complication from pneumonia.

Crista lived her life to the fullest for as long as we can remember. Born on June 11, 1979, from that day on she touched everyone she met in such a special way that it is hard to put into words. She was always there for you when you needed someone to lean on. Even when you were having the worst day imaginable, her smile could make the pain go away. Her comforting arms, her warm heart and her radiant smile are just a few examples of what made Crista unique.

She was a straight "A" student in her second year at Mount Allison University studying to become a psychologist. She had a loving family consisting of two wonderful parents, Darlene and Ernest Lautermilch, an 18 year old younger sister, Rebecca, and very loving Grandparents, Elva and Sylvester Murphy, and Hilda Lautermilch. Crista was dedicated to her family and her studies. Always taking life seriously she devoted herself to her loving boyfriend, Andrew Hartop. ARDS cut short her life, but her spirit and memory lives on.

ARDS is a very serious condition which affects many people of any age. ARDS has a very high mortality rate. It can be caused by many things, such as a severe blow to the chest, sepsis, a complication after surgery, or a complication after or during pneumonia, and also many other things. This horrible condition has struck too many people, including our dear Crista, and it must be stopped. That is why we, Crista's family, have put together a legalized Trust Foundation at the Royal Bank of Canada (Mountain Road Branch, Moncton) to raise money towards finding a cure for this condition. We ask that you seriously take the time to consider giving a donation to this worthy cause (or to other ARDS research of your choice) so that no other family must face what we have faced in the past few months.

Please make checks (cheques) or money orders payable to: The Crista Lautermilch ARDS Memorial Fund c/o Darlene or Rebecca Lautermilch and send donations to:

The Crista Lautermilch ARDS Memorial Fund
Royal Bank of Canada
Mountain Road Branch
719 Mountain Road
Moncton, New Brunswick
ElC 2P4

To those who visit this special memorial page and to those who might decide to donate as well, we take this opportunity to express our very sincere appreciation for your interest and kindness in helping us, in Crista's name and memory, to battle this terrible medical condition called ARDS.