Bonnie Hoffenberg went into the hospital on February 6, 1999 with double pneumonia and was immediately diagnosed with ARDS. The doctors struggled to find the nature of the underlying virus attacking her system but were unsuccessful. Bonnie hung on for over six weeks until the first day of spring March 21st.

Born in Connecticut, Bonnie grew up for most of her life in Los Angeles. The proverbial “love child” and everyone’s sweetheart. After finishing school Bonnie began working in the entertainment industry. In the early days she worked for USA Cable as a Production Assistant, Associate Producer and ultimately an Editor.

In 1988 Bonnie formed a Production Company with her partner Barry O’Brien that grew to become a well-known and respected Post Production Company in L.A.

Bonnie directed and edited on many music videos for MTV, as well as various other video productions such as the Grammy’s and the Academy Awards productions. Bonnie’s reputation for her unique style of editing as well as her incredibly sweet and charming personality made her well known throughout the entertainment industry.

Bonnie was the kind of person who would walk into a party and leave with 10 new best friends, and keep them. Known as “the woman with more best friends than anyone in the world” has forever touched and changed many people’s lives in such a positive way that mere words will ever be able to convey.

Her smile, her dimples, her voice and her good nature has made a permanent mark in the hearts of all that knew her.

She enjoyed life more than anyone I’ve personally met and to approach life with her joy is the only tribute befitting my wonderful friend.

Though her physical presence is missed, her spirit and her energy is so apparent to everyone who knew her that she will truly live forever.

Forgetting Bonnie would be as effective as forgetting the sun. Bonnie was and will forever be a ray of sunshine in all of our lives.

The Hoffenberg Family and her friends,
Judi Cardinale and Pamela Goodchild