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Hebrew ARDS Support Site
site is in Hebrew and you need Hebrew font installed

Academic Society Home Village
a Japanese Medical Links Site

site principally is in Japanese
and generally need Japanese text font;
there is an English version links page
various linked sites may be in either
Japanese or English or in Japanese only

Physiological Society of Japan
Japanese only site, has many searchable
articles available on ARDS
(some articles in Japanese only, some in English and other languages)

Feeling overwhelmed by, and wondering just what,
those medical acronyms (ARDS, COPD, PEEP, etc.)
and terms mean?
Check out Sandi Wood's
Compilation of Pulmonary Definitions - Links page

ARDS Clinical Network (ARDSNet)

ARDS Article
a full featured online magazine covering lung diseases and
related medical/health issues

ARDS Article
in the IJEICM

International Journal of Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine

Article on ARDS
Emergency Medicine Services

Society of Critical Care Medicine
In "Education", search for "ards"
which will bring up many abstracts of interest.

The Changing Prognosis of ARDS
from the Swiss Medical Weekly

The Outlook for Mechanical Ventilation in ARDS
from the Swiss Medical Weekly

ARDS clinical report by Dr. Lawrence Martin
Report "Joe Woodbury, 35 yo, was healthy until ...
Everything sounded like the classic flu symptom..."

Pathogenesis of ARDS paper
from National Jewish Medical and Research Center
you may also want to check out the center's consumer page

ARDS Factsheet
from the American Lung Association
brief, containing basic data/information

The Lung Line
by National Jewish Medical and Research Center

Patient on Ventilator Photo & Info
Kuopio University Hospital, Finland

Medical information from John Hopkins University on

Linda Scrutchfield's Poems page