Survival and Mortality (death)?

The mortality (death) rate estimates range from 30 percent to 70 percent.  Recent data suggests that on average more than 40 percent die from ARDS.   This data accounts for direct deaths resulting from not recovering from ARDS.   The data does not account for deaths among survivors which may be causally related due to medical conditions arising or effected by the encounter with ARDS.

Since ARDS was first described in 1967, the prognosis has improved slightly despite rapid advancements in medical science and technology.  Statistical data reveals that approximately one half of who develop ARDS each year will survive in the United States and other countries which have well trained medical personnel and facilities for treating ARDS patients.

Younger people and those who have fewer chronic health problems are more likely to recover.  It is known that people with a milder form of ARDS tend to have a better chance of recovering than those with a more severe form of the illness.

It is also known that the cause of a patient's ARDS helps predict that patient's chances for survival.  For example, patients who develop ARDS due to sepsis usually do not do as well as patients whose ARDS is related to trauma.   Finally, those patients who do survive after developing ARDS usually improve over several months with a return to normal or near normal lung function.


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