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The following questions represent some of the most common questions asked by those who are dealing with ARDS.  To view the answers, click on the desired question number.

Question 1
What is Adult (or Acute) Respiratory Distress Syndrome, commonly called simply: ARDS? What ARDS is not. What are the phases/stages of ARDS?

Question 2
Can someone get ARDS more than once?

Question 3
ARDS - Survival and Mortality (death)?

Question 4
Understanding ARDS?

Question 5
Treatment of ARDS; Ventilators; PEEP; Tidal Volumes; O2 Sat Level?

Question 6
Dealing with the onset and course of ARDS. What to expect?

Question 7
What complications might be encountered?

Question 8
We all feel so helpless. Is there anything family members and friends may do to help? Yes!

Question 9
Surviving ARDS and Dealing with Post-ARDS Medical Issues. What may be encountered or expected?

Question 10
What are the most important questions that I should ask the physicians?

Question 11
What is the viability of using lung transplantation to battle ARDS?

Question 12
My loved one survived ARDS but I am having difficulty dealing with some issues. Is this normal?

Question 14
How do I prepare for an upcoming surgery post-ARDS?

Question 15
What is Prone Positioning?