Cloudiness on X-Rays post-ARDS

ARDS Support received an inquiry concerning "cloudiness" on x-rays post-ARDS that appeared to be perhaps resolving slowly, and wondered if this was "normal".  We sent the inquiry onto some of our medical advisors and received the following replies.

From:  Roy Brower, M.D.
Subject:  Cloudiness on x-rays post-ARDS

"It is really impossible to know from an x-ray if the abnormal shadows are due to some persisting inflammation or fluid accumulation that may resolve or permanent scarring.  In the past, we thought shadows persisting for a month or longer probably represented scarring, but now we know that these shadows frequently disappear with time.  Sometimes it takes a few months. The fact that there is some "clearing" is encouraging."

From:  Dr. John Hansen-Flaschen

"Cloudiness on x-rays persist for a few months (usually 2-3 months) and then clear up."

The ARDS Support Center extends sincere thanks to members of the Board of Medical and Professional Advisors, for their kind responses and preparation of this information for ARDS Support.

Dr. Roy Brower, Director of Medical Intensive Care, John Hopkins Hospital:

Dr. John Hansen-Flaschen,  Professor of Medicine, Chief Pulmonary and Critical Medicine, Medical Director, Penn Comprehensive Lung Center, University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine;