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The Learn About ARDS page of the ASC website contains medical information describing the nature of ARDS, treatment methods and techniques, conditions that may exist after the survivor returns home and a medical research section designed to furnish the viewer with sources of additional information about ARDS.

This section is made up of the following components. First is a copy of the contents of the ARDS Support Center brochure "Understanding ARDS". The information has all been medically verified by leading physicians most knowledgeable about ARDS. Copies are available upon request. The brochure information is supported by a number of Frequently Asked Questions and answers as well as a list of common medical terms and acronyms along with the meaning of each. The next item is a highly recommended article produced by the Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, WA. It is written in laymanís terms so good understanding can be obtained without being faced with a myriad of complex medical terms.
The last item is an article originally published in the New England Journal of Medicine entitled, "Medical Progress: The Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome authored by Lorraine B. Ware, MD and Michael A. Matthay, MD. It is most comprehensive.

Presents articles covering a wide range of current methods of treating ARDS. Among the medical community there is no single uniform method of dealing with all the complexities that develop upon the sudden onslaught of ARDS. The items included in this section have all been used. The degree of success of each type of treatment varies with each individual case.

Information on the many physical, cognitive and emotional problems that can persist after the patient leaves the hospital and resumes day to day activities. An increasing amount of attention is being directed to post-ARDS matters by those engaged in ARDS research.

Articles and information about the physical, mental and emotional rehabilitation considerations involved in establishing a new post-ARDS life style.  The rehabilitation of ARDS survivors is another area that is receiving more and more attention and research.

Medical Research (coming soon)
Reference source for additional information about ARDS in the categories outlined above.