Michael Russell


Hi, my name is Mike and this is my story.

I remember being on the banks of the Fraser River where I was walking. There was snow on the ground, when I saw what appeared to be a homemade shack made from an old camping trailer. I decided to check it out, when I did somebody started to shoot at me. The next thing I knew I was in a glass box aboard some ship that was operated by some specially trained military people.

I later learned that they were a special team that was hunting for AWOL draftees. Fortunately, I was not one they were looking for and was later returned to where they picked me up at.

The next thing I remember I was being brought to a hospital that, at that time, had one floor dedicated to anthropology. That ambulance driver drove around to the back of the hospital where they took me inside. I said to the medic, who was in the back of the ambulance with me, I could tell they were taking me to Anthropology. She said very well, that is correct. Then I was on the dock on a stretcher with both ambulance attendants which both of them were talking to a man who was shoveling left over food into a huge vat. I was then brought through this door that lead to a double cage. I was put in the second cage with a chimpanzee, then the doctor came in, looked me over, drew some blood, then she put a shackle around my left wrist and attached a chain to it. Then I remember being put into another cage that was in another area of the hospital. Next I remember that I was talking to this doctor who was treating me like I was something of a special project for him. I learned from the doctor that my oldest brother had contacted him because his specialty was designing and making inner body parts.

He had made me a special kind of trachea so that I would live. The doctor saved my life. That would not have happened if my brother hadnít found out about this very special person on the internet. Then I discovered that I was in a cage that had a lot of wildlife init and that there was some kind of horrific storm and that storm had some how brought a species of life that was strange and new. The doctor wanted me to talk to the life forms to find out what they were and where they came from. I also discovered that I was able to fly for short distances and then it all went blank.

The next thing I remember is I was in Idaho. My family had gathered for a reunion or some celebration of whatever. My parents and I went through a warehouse tour of its assembly line. I was some how caught up in one of the conveyor belts, which ended up making me into a flattened boy to be sold to an elderly couple. It took me what seemed like about three weeks to bring myself alive and escape from this situation.

The next thing I remember, which seemed like it was just before I awoke, I was back in that big open place talking to those odd beings and the doctor who wanted me to find out what kind of beings they were. Then I was saying to myself that I had the power at that time whether to live or die. Then I started to think about my family, especially my dad, who in the previous 2 years had lost his only sister and his youngest brother. I began to think of what it would do to him if I, his youngest son, was to die also. Then I thought I should stick around for a while longer. At that point I began to awaken from the coma.

That was my experience while in a coma.

Michael Russell
Coquitlam, BC Canada
July 16, 2006