Sometime during my coma I had a very vivid adventure. I was at the home of some medical students and they were on call. I was with them because they had instructions to keep an eye on me. Due to their lack of knowledge they did keep their eyes on me. In fact, they took me everywhere - the Emergency Room at night and once when they were on call.

During a very bad ice and snow storm they were to be on call at 10:00 PM. They were at the house of Dr. Reichert and he was going to make pizzas. I was in the other part of the house with his wife. She was drinking this dry vinegar wine and taking valium. The pills were blue so I know they were ten mg.

This house was two miles off Hwy. 51 and a call came in that ninety-eight miles up the road cars were going off a bridge due to ice. The medical students had to respond. We left in two ambulances and arrived at the point where the cars were going off the bridge onto a frozen lake and through the ice. The drivers of the cars could not do anything to stop their slippery slide.

A short while later all of us were getting off some medical helicopters and walking into a lodge that was at the end of the bridge on the lake. I was strapped to a gurney and while they were putting IV's into me, out came this Dr. Reichert with every ingredient you could make pizza with. The pizza as he was making were as big as a round table that seats four. They looked very good and smelled great! The copters kept coming and going, bring people that had fallen through the lake. Everybody lived. They all ate pizza except me. I was strapped down and wanted a Pepsi. My brother's son got a Coca Cola and injected it into my arm. I then drifted off to a new adventure...

John Grim