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Chris' Story of Survival
By his wife Amanda


Sandy's Story

Sandy's story


Michael's Story

Michael Russell's ARDS Dream


Fiona's Story

Fiona Hayner's ARDS story

Angie's Story
Angie Finn's ARDS story

Bob's Dreams
Nightmarish yet fascinating dreams while being treated for ARDS on ECMO.  Amazingly these dreams correlated with events that occurred around me during my drug induced coma.

Courtney Ann Shelstad
Courtney - A gift from God

Carrie Walker Bookless

From her battle with ARDS, to her battle with life, Carrie writes her story with humor that only someone who has been where she has can do.

Amy's Story

A daughter's recount of her mothers battle with ARDS.

Annie V

The Road Home

David's Story
A story of 16 year old David's tragic loss in his battle with ARDS written by his mother.

Carlene Hartford's Journey
By her husband, Don Hartford

"Through the Eyes of a Survivor"
By Beth Joyner. Thoughts, ideas, and suggestions from a survivor who has battled ARDS twice.

From Pain of Death - Understanding in Life
...Special insight from a young daughter to her father:
Lindsay's letter to her Dad, Ted Hoffman,
a member of the ARDS Advisory Council

A message by Jon Doughtie
A message sent by Jon Doughtie
to other individuals with family members battling ARDS who had contacted the ARDS Support Center. A nice example of the ARDS Support Center's mission and goals at work, the power of our care and support network and website reaching those effected by ARDS, and importance of lessons learned and followed. Jon Doughtie's father, John, was hospitalized and developed ARDS in November 1999, after a lengthy battle he subsequently died during rehabilitation in March 2000.

Jon Doughtie - Closing Book on Pa.
A moving message of tribute to Jon's father and nice thank you from the Doughtie family to ARDS Support and its care and support members.

Another Struggle by Greg Fleckenstein
Greg's routine arterial bypass in his legs turns into a fight for survival.

John Grim's Story
John, one of the founders of ARDS Support Center gives an account of his battle with ARDS.

John Grim's Dream During the Coma
Take a ride with John as he travels in his dream with rescue personnel.

Mike Paul's Story
Mike's ARDS episode, takes him from California to Minnesota.

Mike Paul's Dreams
Mike describes his "Master Control Dream".  He realizes too, that others have the same type dreams while in comas.

John Pearcey's Story
John tries to put his life back in order after ARDS, while trying to find answers to his health problems, if they are related to ARDS.

Alistair's Story
Through the eyes of his sister, Emma Holden
across the sea from England

"A 'Funny Feeling' Indeed"
by Rev. John Arms, an ARDS survivor.

"Fear in the Face of Adversity is a Human Reaction"
by Philip Chard; accompanied by a timely and nice message of thanks to ARDS Support from the Constanzers concerning the fear faced in confronting and dealing with ARDS

Robin's Story
Robin tells of what she is going through post-ARDS, and shows a tremendous amount of strength in wanting to make a difference.

Ginger's Story
...Right now, it seems as though the scar on my neck is the most beautiful
symbol in the world to those patients at Deaconess, who like to be reminded that there is hope out there, enough to go around for all of us.

Denise's Story
Denise's battle with ARDS lasted from Aug 1, 2000 until she went home on August 22, 2000.  Still in therapy, she has a lot of questions about what she went through, and wonders if others have had the same happen to them.

Julie's ARDS Battle
Julie tells the story of her battle, and shows a good sense of humor in spite of it all.